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Fitness Equipments


1:1 Coaching in and around South West London

If you have a busy London life and are struggling to find time for your health and fitness I am here to help you prioritise your training in a way that suits your lifestyle. I make things as simple, comfortable and time efficient as possible by coming to you in your own space.

My expertise is in creating functional workouts using minimal equipment that work your whole body and assist you in everyday life. I draw on my background as a dancer and barre and pilates teacher to create interesting sessions that are totally bespoke to your needs and goals.

I am also a specialist in ante and post natal fitness, so if you are looking to continue moving safely through your pregnancy or want to build your core strength post pregnancy I can help. I understand that as a new mum it can be challenging to find time for yourself and your workout so I make it as simple as possible by coming to you, so you won't need to leave your house or baby.

I treat each client individually, taking a holistic approach to make long lasting changes from the inside out that build your confidence, so that you not only look amazing, but feel amazing too!

MWM Coaching is not a quick fix to get you the 'perfect' body overnight. Instead I work with each of my clients taking time to:

  • Understand fitness and nutrition fundamentals

  • Learn how to implement daily habits that add up to sustainable lifestyle changes

  • Find a positive outlook and learn to love, challenge and take care of the body you are in

I offer 2:1 sessions if you prefer working out with a buddy.

I also offer group or corporate training around SW London.

1:1 Personal Training

What's Included?

- Free consultation call to discuss your goals and how I can help you

- Bespoke sessions designed around your lifestyle

- Nutritional guidance and lifestyle advice

- 1 hour sessions at your home/garden/local park

Ready to meet the healthiest & happiest you? Contact me here

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